High Quality, Low Cost International Calls

Keypoints being a Corporate Partner

Corporates now have an opportunity to save more than 70% of their international call bills by using GVCall while at the same time ensuring high quality, crystal clear connections necessary for business calls. GVCall offers the best and the lowest cost option for businesses for their international calls. GVCall is designed for all types of corporates whether they are large multi- nationals or small and medium enterprises.

It allows a corporate administrator to easily manage international calling by employees while at the same time gives tremendous flexibility to the employees to make low cost international calls from anywhere. The administrator can easily setup departments and transfer funds to the branch administrator who can then setup the employees and top up the employee accounts.

How it works for Corporates


Create Departments

Create one or more departments & assign department managers (optional)

Add employees

Add employees & top up their account

An authorized corporate employee can register for the service by visiting the corporate page on the GVCall website and provide some basic information. Once the information is authenticated by GVCall, the corporate admin will receive the necessary login credentials.

The corporate admin can then setup one or many departments and their administrators. The department administrator can easily register the employees individually or bulk register using a standard template. Once the employees are setup, the department admin can top up the employee accounts with credits. The employees can download the GVCall mobile app from the relevant app stores depending on their device and start making their international calls.

The admin also has access to detailed reports providing information about the employees’ international business calls.