How It Works

If you have installed the GVCall application on your mobile phone, start the program.

When GVCall has started up you can start typing the receiver’s number, but remember to write the country code before the number. You do not need to type the + in front; just the numbers. When the number is typed in, you select “call”. Now you will see that GVCall is setting up the call through the Globalvoice system. When the call is set up, the system will call you first. When you answer you will hear the calling tone as you normally hear it. When the receiver “picks up” the phone, you can talk as you normally do.

To avoid expensive mobile roaming charges when you bring your phone abroad, simply use the “Calling from” option in the menu to deliver your calls back to a local landline or local mobile number. This can be your hotel number, a local friend’s mobile number, or any local phone number of your choice.